WordPress is an Open Source project

WordPress CMS allows you to create web pages that you can transform into almost anything with the plug-ins and add-on software available to you.

You can transform a blank page into almost anything you want adding payment plug-ins to transform your page into a store, forums to create a community of like minded individuals, or add videos and images to your page just to name a few.

WordPress the Best open source CMS software

WordPress is open source CMS software, which means that it is free to use. It started as a small script that made internet publishing simpler, and in the 10 years since the release of WordPress, has grown to having hundreds of thousands of new and improved applications.

There are thousands of other applications available for you to be able to customise your page to just the way you want it to appear to your users.

There are many different businesses and individuals that use WordPress to create their webpages. You can find all sorts of different information from personal diary-style blogs, to sites advertising and promoting schools and events, to fully functional retail stores.

Most of the WordPress developers that create additional widgets and plug ins are not hired by the company, rather are users just like yourself with the coding experience to be able to create new and effective programming to help your page.

Why Choose a WordPress Website?

WordPress is a viable option for your online store or business.

WordPress provides multiple plug-ins and themes that you can use to market your website. WordPress is accessible anywhere in the world.

You can access the dashboard of your website and tinker with your site as long as there is an Internet connection.

WordPress CMS Websites has many features over other blog creation sites including having an app available to run on Android, iOS, Windows phone, Maemo, Nokia and blackberry devices, meaning you can update your WordPress website on the go with anything that is on your mind without having to worry about what kinds of devices you need to purchase to be able to use your page.

WordPress CMS Websites online lessons video tutorials and user guides

While setting up and using your WordPress CMS Websites sounds easy enough, if you are new to the world of web design, you may wish to take some online lessons or complete research in the way of video tutorials and user guides.

WordPress is not a difficult application to use, but can be very overwhelming for someone just starting out. It is a good idea to have knowledge of basic coding and internet protocols before you dive in to creating your WordPress CMS Websites.

Before you begin, it is always a good idea to create a road map of your site on paper. You need to think about things like who your target audience will be and what your blog posts will be about and tailor a theme and colour scheme to suit your audience.

You should also think about how many separate pages you would like on your site, and what information you would like to include under each page so that you can see what your page creation will entail before setting out on the journey of creating your own WordPress CMS Websites.

WordPress CMS Websites Expertise

Bellow are a few types of WordPress CMS demands we have experience with:


  • WordPress CMS Custom Installations
  • WordPress CMS Support, Maintenance and Training
  • WordPress CMS Development strategy
  • WordPress CMS Modules and Components, Plugins
  • WordPress CMS Custom Template Building
  • WordPress CMS Migration to the latest version
  • WordPress CMS Security Updates

WordPress CMS Websites technology makes up over 15% of the internet, which, when you think about it, is a massive amount of information, as well as millions of different pages.

Check out our WordPress CMS Websites Portfolio and Client Testimonials to see what they’re saying.


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