Having an online existence can help your business in different ways:

  • Inform your audiences and customers about your products and services.
  • Tell them about your new products or services that are going to be launched.
  • Create a community and interact with your customers/clients.
  • Share your information via visual media such as pictures and videos.

For all these you will need an online presence in the social media or digital world. Having a healthy presence in the digital world can provide your business with a positive outlook and reputation.

Specialties: Summary Areas of Expertise

What is Online Presence?

Most of us occupy a space online. Having your own account, page or blog/website online is considered a presence in the online space. The digital presence of your business can help you to reach to your audience, convert the traffic to sales, educate the potential customers about your products/services and retain them as well.

This presence can be on social media, online advertising, websites and applications. It is quite evident that people, these days, are buying and shopping things online most of the time. So, not having a presence on the internet can prove to be quite fatal or harmful for the very existence of your business. In order to thrive and to make sure that your business is running steadily, healthy presence over the internet is crucial.

Types of Websites We Can Create for Your Business

Create a remarkable online presence with a buyer-focused and effective website that can draw great attention. You need to find the best services that can provide you with the best solutions for the online existence of your business. Having a professional service can help you to bring out the best of your presence and you will surely get more and more traffic to your website or blog resulting in more conversions.

Ecommerce website

eCommerce is a shortened version of electronic commerce. It is a kind of business model that utilises the internet for sales transactions. Therefore, an eCommerce website is simply an online shopping website. It is a website where you can find items for sale on the internet.

eCommerce website is different from an ordinary company website. The latter focuses on giving information about the business, its services or products, and contact details. On the other hand, an eCommerce website works just like a physical shop. Customers can browse through the products, purchase items, make online payments, and arrange for delivery.

The fast-evolving technology has caused drastic changes in people's lifestyles in the past decade. With the accessibility and convenience, it provides, online shopping has become a necessity rather than a luxury. For this reason, building an eCommerce website for a business can help increase sales and reach more target consumers.

Having an eCommerce website serves two purposes. First, it allows the customers to transact with the business and purchase products wherever they are. Thus, even if loyal customers would have to move to a far place, they could continue to support the business.

Next, an eCommerce website also functions as an effective content marketing strategy. Through the website, customers can find essential information about the business and products or services. The product reviews on it can also help build a brand's credibility. Also, it can convince customers to purchase products.

  • Customer experience, Mobile and Personalisation
  • Geo-targeting technology for delivering location-based notifications
  • Cross-channel, multichannel and omnichannel
  • Using offline data to optimise the online experience
  • and many more...
Ecommerce website
Business website

Generally, a business serves as a platform to provide essential information about your brand or company. It can also function as a direct eCommerce platform.

An ordinary business website does not have to be very complex, like an eCommerce site. What is important is it states in plain terms what the company does on the homepage. The simpler and easier the website to navigate, the more effective it is.

Customers do not visit websites to appreciate how aesthetically complex they are. Instead, most consumers want their site visits to be conveniently fast and simple. After the information, they can help them decide whether the business is what they are looking for.

Modern companies know that a business website is a necessity. It does not only give the business an online presence, but it can also serve as a marketing strategy. Aside from increased brand publicity, a website can also increase public awareness of products and services.

Having a website also improves a business' credibility. Customers can find proofs of the business's existence, including the physical address, contact details, accreditations, and customers' testimonials.

Getting a website also improves the business' accessibility. Customer support can be provided anytime, anywhere. Usually, big companies provide 24/7 customer service through their websites. These allow them to give immediate assistance to customers.

  • Quick and easy page management
  • Workflow management
  • Flexibility for developers
  • Design is separate from content
  • Database-driven
  • Search engine-friendly
  • and many more...
Dynamic Website or CMS
Static or Brochure website

One of the effective modern ways of promoting services is through a brochure website. This design is simply a cost-effective solution to boost a business' online presence. The design for this kind of website is normally simple but attractive.

How does a brochure website work? It is just like a traditional brochure usually found from the coffee table, only that it is digital. A brochure website also showcases the services of a business using captivating images and effective words.

A brochure site gives a snapshot of the services and products that a business provides. It may contain navigation pages and content, like the Main Default page, About Us page, Products/Services page, Contact Us page, and Location page.

This website gives a product or a company an online presence by functioning as an online business card. It expresses a sense of credibility and permanence to the customers. Moreover, it provides valuable information, including shop hours and contact details.

A brochure website can help drive business sales through existing channels. Moreover, it is a good testing ground for business owners to find out how their company will do online. For instance, it should help them decide if they need a simple web application or a more complex eCommerce site.

However, owners need to be aware that brochure websites are not found on search engine organic searches. They will not automatically get traffic, so site owners must find ways to direct visitors to them. If grown over time, they will have more chances of getting organic traffic.

  • Cheap to develop
  • Valuable online presence
  • Adds credibility to your business
  • Cost effective and less time consuming
  • Ranking high by the search engines
  • and many more...
Static or Brochure Website
Entertainment website

An entertainment website is focused on giving scoops regarding pop culture, celebrity lifestyles, and the showbusiness industry. With most people's interest in the latest Hollywood gossip, it is not surprising that an entertainment website normally gets a high traffic volume.

However, an entertainment website is not always about celebrity gossips and scandals. Some sites give updates on the latest movies, fashion, music, and sports news. Customers also check an entertainment website if they want fresh reports about arts, travel, and other kinds of entertainment.

Entertainment websites normally contain pages that differ from ordinary websites. They do not only have a news section, but some also contain pages with relevant videos. Some sites also devote pages to photos and podcasts.

Unlike business sites, they do not focus on selling products or services to the target audience. Their main goal is to get a high volume of traffic by posting engaging and informative content. For this reason, these websites need to be updated daily.

Do entertainment website owners earn? Yes, they do. They may not earn from sales, but they can through the advertisements on their site. Normally, website owners set up a Google AdSense account for their websites so they can display ads.

Whenever visitors click on these ads, they can get some amount from it. Thus, entertainment websites have to attract visitors always. Furthermore, they usually have a subscribe button that will keep the target audience updated with their latest posts. They also earn from it.

  • and many more...
Multimedia or Interactive Website
Portfolio website

A portfolio website is important for online freelancers. Traditionally, freelancers would have to give away business cards. Meanwhile, other kinds of freelancers, like photographers, have to hand out physical portfolios to their target clients.

With the rise of the digital age, many freelancers have turned to use a portfolio website. It allows them to showcase their skills and past project involvements online. Moreover, its advantage over a traditional portfolio is it has a wider audience reach. It can even be used on a global scale.

So, what is a portfolio website? It is an extension of a freelancer's or business's resume. It gives a more convenient means for target and potential clients to examine a freelancer's work. At the same time, it allows the site owner to expand their services and skills.

The main purpose of having a portfolio site is to get more clients, whether for personal freelancing for an agency. It can also be used to get a job at a company.

With a portfolio website, freelancers can creatively present intricate details and information about themselves and their work. However, designing the website must be done critically. The owner must carefully think about the desired website output before adding content.

A portfolio website should contain relevant features. These include the owner's bio and contact information, services, logo, high-quality images, and testimonials from previous clients. The owner must also choose the right design that will match the theme of the skills and services being showcased.

  • A creative way of showcasing skills and experiences
  • Can be used at a wider scale
  • More convenient and accessible
  • Easier to update
Multimedia or Interactive Website
Media website

Gone are the days when people would be bringing newspapers home or to their office to stay updated with the current events. With smartphones and laptops coming in handy, most people rely on the internet for their daily news consumption.

Media websites are online news portals that provide visitors with the latest news. Most of these websites cover different areas, including politics, finance, entertainment, and sports. Some websites only provide local and national news. Nevertheless, others also pick up international updates.

The content of a media website is much like its printed predecessor, the physical newspaper. It contains different kinds of articles, such as news, feature, and editorial or opinion. The only difference probably is it can include videos, with some even live.

Normally, a media website has the appearance of a traditional newspaper. What makes this more appealing to the visitors is because they can easily find the top and latest headlines. Every media website has a portion on its homepage that is dedicated to these.

People do not need to be leafing through the pages just to read everything. They can see all the latest news by just looking at the constantly updating headlines and scrolling up and down.

Moreover, media websites usually give people the option to subscribe to them to receive daily news updates. Through these subscriptions, the websites can earn. They can also earn through ads.

  • Accessible 24/7
  • Considered a digital necessity
  • High-traffic volume
  • Can be monetized
Multimedia or Interactive Website
Non-profit website

A nonprofit website, from the name itself, is not created to be a source of income. Instead, it is used by the organisation behind it to get donations or supports for its cause. Normally, this website is created with a tight budget.

A typical nonprofit website includes pages that introduce the organisation and its work. There are also many of these sites which include news updates regarding their causes and projects. Lastly, they include pages and contact details on how people can donate and work with them.

There are several challenges that nonprofit websites usually encounter. One is the need to communicate what they do quickly and concisely. It is not advisable to burden visitors with too much information.

Of course, the website must be both attractive and accessible. It should be made interesting and engaging enough to attract possible donors. At the same time, it has to be easy to access and navigate. Visitors must be able to get all the details they need without going through a complex process. This way, it will be easier for people who want to explore the nonprofit to connect with them.

In short, some of the good qualities of a nonprofit website are accessibility and convenience. All of this must be realised even if on a small budget.

It is a good thing that there are already web platforms that are specially designed for nonprofits. They allow the organisations to achieve the features they need on a very reasonable amount.

  • Accessible and convenient
  • Easy to navigate
  • Low budget
  • Increased publicity
Multimedia or Interactive Website
Educational website

An educational website provides educational content for students and interested learners. This kind of website contains resources that function as tools that supplement classroom instruction and improve learning. They include videos, games, blogs, and other topic-related materials. The website's goal is to make the learning process attractive and entertaining to students, especially in the digital age.

There are different types of educational websites. These include digital libraries, educational video websites, how-to websites, language-learning websites, Open Course Ware, science websites, tertiary education websites, and web documentaries. Choosing the right type of website to create will depend on the demand of the target audience.

Teachers, students, and even parents find these educational websites helpful for learning. Through them, they can gain various information, including details about different schools/universities and courses. They also rely on these sites for completing assignments and understanding difficult topics.

Moreover, many institutes now use educational websites to improve their presence and credibility in the educational world. It is because these websites can help reach out to potential students. They can also keep current students, parents, and stockholders updated on the institution's courses offered, curriculum, activities, infrastructure, etc.

For an educational website to reach more audience, it needs to have the necessary features. First, it should have a quality and easy search option for visitors. It must also be responsive and mobile-friendly. Of course, it must include high-quality content, including videos and other resources.

  • Increases the institute's online presence
  • In-demand to a large audience
  • 24/7 accessible
  • Convenient and informative
Multimedia or Interactive Website
Infopreneur website

An information-based business runs an infopreneur website. Its focus is on finding knowledge deficiency issues, and from that need, the owner will sell target-based information services and products online. In short, an infopreneur website sells electronic information to those who need it.

Infopreneurs use personal knowledge, creativity, and data to generate information that is sought after by consumers. They apply a little of their insights to win their target audience over. All they have to do is turn raw data into useful information.

An infopreneur website usually presents valuable information in different formats. These include blog posts, audio CDs, webinars, eBooks, and online instructional videos. Others are coaching, consulting, workbooks, templates, checklists, and even live events.

Many infopreneurs offer their products or services for free. Yet, it does not mean that they cannot earn from the website. There are indirect ways that infopreneur websites can be monetised. Some of these are through ads, brand sponsorships, affiliate marketing, and podcast sponsors.

One of the benefits of setting up an infopreneur website is it allows the owners to enhance their credibility as infopreneurs. The website helps increase brand awareness, and its target audience can easily find them. It becomes a portfolio of the valuable resources they have been producing over time.

Also, an infopreneur website showcases all products and services, which can be sold repeatedly. Soon, it can be a source of passive income for the owners. They will keep earning from the materials created as long as they are up to date.

  • Low cost
  • Increases brand awareness
  • Can be monetised
  • Can be a source of passive income
  • Available anytime, anywhere
Multimedia or Interactive Website
Web Portal

A web portal is a platform that gathers data from several sources into one user interface. Depending on the niche, this kind of website presents the most significant information to the concerned users. From simple web portals, today, users can get more from the more advanced portal platforms. They are usually dedicated to supporting the initiatives of digital customer experience.

Customers, employees, and suppliers can benefit from a web portal by getting access to some information. Through this website, users can be provided with personalised details, including customer profiles, safety manuals, and employee training.

It can also help enhance information collaboration. Plus, it can improve how customers, suppliers, and employees interact with the company.

A business web portal can imitate the feel and look of a business. It can provide the owner with better control over the business system and daily processes. It is also accessible any time of the day, no matter where the user location is. It can be easily and quickly accessed on a computer desktop or mobile devices, like a tablet or smartphone.

There are many reasons why a business should consider having a web portal. It is advisable if the company has multi-location premises, such as having different branches or offices. It is also beneficial if the business has a home or field-based workers.

A web portal can also be required for the external contribution of processes and data. It is applicable for circumstances, like managing channel retailers or suppliers. This portal can also be required to be able to provide an accessible IT licensing option.

  • Increases information visibility
  • Systematic organisational data and processes
  • Easy access for customers, employees, or suppliers
  • Can be used to keep the organisation synchronized and updated
Multimedia or Interactive Website
Wiki or Community Forum Website

A wiki or community forum website is a collaborative tool that enables users to contribute or revise related materials. This kind of website is naturally collaborative, and it is used to facilitate community-building activities. It has an open-editing system.

It means that anyone who may read a wiki could edit it. Anyone visitor to the page can edit pr update its content. That is how it became a discussion medium. It is also referred to as a tool for collaboration and a mail system.

This website is a kind of hypertext publication. It is managed and collaboratively edited by its audience with the use of a web browser. Usually, a wiki has multiple pages for certain subjects or projects. Some wikis are open to the public, while some are limited to the facilitating organisation's members. The latter is maintained that way to maintain the internal knowledge source.

Wikis are good avenues for collaborations. They are good for communicating, discussing, and collaborating ideas. Before social media existed, they were the hub for Internet users who want to connect with others to share or discuss certain topics.

How can a business benefit from a wiki? First, it can make it easy and quick to input information on the web pages. Second, it can facilitate discussion and communication since it is easy for anyone who can edit the page. Third, it allows the members to organise ideas by linking related wiki pages altogether.

  • A tool for collaboration
  • Editable by any of the authorised members
  • Encourages discussion
Multimedia or Interactive Website

Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Presence

As you now know what digital existence means and how you can maintain one, we can discuss about the importance. Being a small-sized or medium-sized business owner, you might think that having a presence online is not mandatory. But it is completely opposite! People already know about the big brands and businesses in the market. You need to ensure that people know about your business too and what products or services you offer. Here are some of the benefits of having a presence online:

Enhance the accessibility

Gone are those days when people used to visit offline stores to collect information about certain products or services. Nowadays, most of the potential customers research online to get more information about any service or product. So, it is a great way to let them know about your products and services along with the access to essential information such as price, location and contact details etc.

Reach to widest possible audience

Unlike any other forms of marketing and advertising, the digital presence can help your business to reach to maximum audiences. There are no limitations or boundaries. Hence, more and more people can come across your business and purchase your products or services.

Affordable & effective marketing

Why to invest a huge chunk of money on advertising and marketing? You can surely use the online platforms as one of the most effective marketing platforms. In fact, they are much more affordable too.

Enables your provide information: The best thing about the digital or online existence is that you can showcase your products or services to the people who are looking for the same. They can gather all the information and details from the description and make a decision whether to buy it or not.

Helps building good relationship

Nowadays, businesses can also interact with the customers or potential buyers. This is a great chance to know about people's choice, what they want and what they think of your products and reviews. Through the social media platforms, you can interact with them and improve your products or services to get better.

Effective Ways to Build Your Online Presence

Having a presence online is not enough. You have to maintain it regularly and ensure that they are working perfectly. In order to ensure a healthy presence, you have to focus on some of the vital areas:

Optimise the website

First of all, you have to make sure that your business has a functional, user-friendly and efficient website. This is important before you head towards creating an account on social media platform. A simple informative website with responsive design will be enough.

Create a blog

Never underestimate the strength or the potential of a blog. It is less formal than that of the website but it can help you in creating a good impression on your potential customers. It is like a journal or diary for websites. Here you can share how-to guides, recipes and everything related to your business or professional to draw te interest of your audiences and viewers.

Social media

No online presence is complete without having a presence on social media. If you can create your business page on the leading social media platform, then it is great. Otherwise, you can choose a platform that can provide you with maximum traffic. For example, if it is more technology oriented, then Twitter or Facebook are the best options. Whereas for the fashion or food related businesses, Instagram can be a great platform as it is more of visual media.

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