Keyword Stuffing - Manipulate a site's ranking in Google Search Results

Keyword Stuffing – Manipulate a site’s ranking in Google Search Results

What is Keyword Stuffing and Why Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Services Avoid It

If you know a little about SEO and you are trying it on your website on your own, then you are surely familiar with keyword.  However, you should be aware that keywords must be used carefully in your content or else it would do damage instead of building up the post. For this reason, search engine optimisation (SEO) services definitely avoid keyword stuffing.

What is Keyword Stuffing

Keyword stuffing is including keywords in the content more than necessary. If you insert the keyword in every paragraph throughout the article, and some even seem awkward, then that is an example of keyword stuffing. So what are the reasons why SEO specialists avoid it?

  1. Content will be unnatural to read.

If you try to insert as many keywords as possible in your article, there are instances when you do not care about the sense of the line or paragraph anymore. It is because your only goal is to include the keyword. Sentences will be awkward, grammatically wrong, and even nonsense. When this happens, your readers would know that you are only trying to build the post up or you are advertising something.

  1. Quality is diminished.

Good content is the best asset of SEO. It is not hard to build up a post when it is excellently created. Readers will be naturally after it, because they can get new and interesting ideas from that post. However, a keyword-stuffed article is usually annoying and has no substance. No matter how many keywords it has, it will still be hard to endorse to readers, because they get nothing from it.

  1. Can result to decreased traffic.

This is connected to # 2. Once the content is carefully crafted, informative, and updated, it is not hard to drive traffic to it. However, if your post is focused on keywords, then you forget about the quality of your content. Instead of helping build your post up, this can actually result to lesser traffic, since readers will find your content unsatisfactory and senseless.

  1. Google knows it.

Too much keywords in your article will alert Google, since the content seems unnatural. If the search engine finds out that a post is being intentionally optimised, it will throw that content off the first SERPs. Google is after providing quality search results to customers.

Get More from Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Services

The main goal of a website content is offer something new and fresh to readers. By giving out quality content, a brand can gain the trust of its audience because they see its sincerity in providing what they need. This is also the top concern of SEO. It helps businesses connect to their target consumers better by bringing their content up in SERPs.

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