We help small-to-medium businesses (SMB) to fit TV advertising into their marketing strategy and build relationships with their audience to help generate results.

Advertising is the best way to promote any products or services. If you want your small business to grow, it's a must to promote your brand in any way you can. You don't just pick up any form of advertising. It has to be effective in every way so that you can make sure that you're not only wasting your advertising budget.

One of the most popular marketing tools is television advertising. It's a traditional way to advertise your business if you want to reach a wide range of consumers. Although it's considered an expensive way to promote your brand, it can guarantee that many people will be aware of it and choose you over your competitors.

Specialties: Summary Areas of Expertise

  • Media buying and planning;
  • Clearcast clearance;
  • TV commercial production;
  • Teleshopping production.
Television Advertising Services

What is Television Advertising?

Television Advertising is a form of advertising where business owners pay for a specific time slot in between regular TV broadcasting. Many people are glued on their TV screens, and it's the best way to get the attention your business needs. TV commercials should be memorable if you want to increase conversion over time.

  • TV Advertising builds trust.
  • Advertising boosts sales.
  • TV Adverts are full screen, not fighting for screen space.
  • TV reaches a vast audience.
  • TV advertising results can be tracked.
  • Small brands can get into TV advertising on digital channels.
  • TV adverts benefit from second-screening.

Types of TV Advertising

TV commercials have different types, as well. It can vary from how you prefer to present your products or services. It can be simple or fancy depending on your advertising needs. Below are the different types of TV advertising to help you understand it better.

Brand Ambassador

Having a brand ambassador or spokesperson can be a good marketing tactic. Business owners can choose a celebrity for consumers to associate their brand to that person.

However, it can be costly if you choose a big celebrity, but it will be worth your investment. You have an option to select a spokesperson who can reach through the consumers through without breaking the bank for prominent TV personalities.


Another way of doing TV advertising is by demonstration. You still have an option to have a celebrity to demonstrate your product. But anyone who can do the demonstration will work out just fine.

It's the best way to target the consumers visually so that they can see how your product works. That will help the audience to decide to purchase the product that you have since they know how it works and they like it.

Consumer Solution

Business owners are also problem solvers. That's why it's a great idea to use this type of TV advertising where you can present the solution for people's problems.

You can catch their attention because they can relate to your message. This type of TV advertising can create a need, and your audience will find your brand whenever they have similar problems.


Infomercials are best for aspiring business owners who want to create brand awareness. It can be in the form of hard selling since it can last longer than average TV commercials.

It can highlight the features and benefits of your product with the help of some hosts. This is the same as the Home TV Shopping, where the host is directly selling your products to the audience.

Importance of Television Advertising for Businesses

Can Grab Audience Attention

TV advertising remains popular because it can grab the attention of the audience. Even if these people are not planning to buy any similar product that you offer, they will feel the need.

The reason why is that a lot of audiences are very responsive to any TV commercials that they see. Since they trust that everything that they saw on their TV is an excellent choice-most people just like trying new brands from the TV commercials which will work to your advantage.

Connect to Audience Emotions

TV advertising is not just for letting the audience know that your brand exists. It can also target the consumers' emotions and empathise with them. TV commercials can provide solutions for consumers' everyday concerns.

Seeing your brand on a TV ad will create a better appeal compared to using other types of marketing tools. Since you can connect to the audience on a personal level, they will most likely buy from you because they saw it on TV.

Wider but Targeted Audience

There are many people who are glued on their TVs at home. It's also a form of entertainment from the workplace. Because of that, you can have a wider audience but you can still just focus on your target market.

Even if it can annoy some TV fanatics sometimes when they have to deal with commercial breaks, your message will still reach them. Since your product will be shown during the times where they need something similar, they will end up keeping you in mind on their next purchase.

It's a Combination of Sight and Sounds

TV advertising can stimulate both visual and auditory senses. If you're advertising food, it can even make them crave for it. Most people rely on what they can see on TV. Plus, it can affect their decision making when choosing which brand to purchase.

It's also the best time to make them aware of your brand since they are relaxing during TV time. Imagine watching a commercial about food when it's closer to mealtime. Instead of cooking, the audience will end up ordering from you.

Increases Brand Awareness

TV advertising can reach millions of people at a time. That will help to increase brand awareness, especially if you're new to the market. Even if you only have a short exposure on prime time, it can reach a massive audience who will learn about your products or services.

Once people become aware of your brand, you can expect that this audience will prefer to purchase from you. When people see your product from the supermarkets or other stores, these consumers will add your brand on their carts without hesitations.

TV Advertising with Strategic Marketing

In the world where the screen dominates everyone, TV advertising can help you to promote your brand better than another traditional form of marketing. Don't wait for your business to grow big before you try it. You can don't know and get your free quote. That way, you can make your small business grow faster.

  • Media buying and planning;
  • Clearcast clearance;
  • TV commercial production;
  • Teleshopping production.
TV Advertising with Strategic Marketing

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