Facebook advertising - A sure-fire method to evaluate the precise ROI that your business generates.

If you are looking for efficient digital marketing for your start-up or any business, then Facebook is one powerful platform to do so. Effective as a social media with over 68 percent of users in the USA alone, Facebook has become a very popular platform in advertising and digital business marketing.

FB advertising is one of the best amongst digital business marketing since its founding. Here, you will get to know about FB ads to kick start your operations and boom to generate high ROI.

Specialties: Summary Areas of Expertise

  • Setup and management of Facebook Business Manager;
  • Audience planning;
  • Campaign setup and optimisation;
  • Facebook ad creation;
  • Tracking implementation;
  • Facebook page development;
  • Comprehensive campaign reporting with daily performance updates.
Facebook Advertising Services

What are Facebook ads?

FB advertisings are paid business messages that are posted in order to reach people worldwide to the target audience. Ads are created through campaigns. These campaigns have an objective. The ads are made within the respective campaigns to attain their goals.

Let us take an example for a better understanding. A campaign is created by a business to draw maximum traffic to their website. For the same purpose, the ads are made in the campaign by selecting text, images, and target audience.

Facebook ROI-What is it?

ROI or Return on Investment is the same for anyone. FB ROI is the return that the company gets with money, time, and other factors that you have invested towards marketing on social media on the FB platform.

How efficient are Facebook ads?

Each of the business looks for a good return on the investment made or ad quality or industry or other factors. FB ads generate the required ROI that the business needs. ROI is assessed based on the results generated.

Here's how FB advertising can be effective:

  • 68 percent of the USA population and 22 percent of the world's population make active FB users.
  • 76 percent of these users are interested in the content of FB.
  • Out of the above, 66 percent are on FB looking for services, products, and discounts.
  • 52 percent of active users become customers offline or online by purchasing products through FB ads.
  • The FB feature of custom audience permits advertising specifically to the target audience.
  • It is also seen than CPM-cost per thousand impressions on FB costs a lot less than for TV ads.
  • 73 percent of individuals make use of FB for business and professional reasons.

From the above numbers, it is ensured that FB advertising can generate traffic to your website, products, and services. It has more significant potential for delivery and returns on your business investment.

How efficient are Facebook ads
Setting up an Ad Campaign on FB

Setting up an Ad Campaign on FB

  • Setting goals for your ads- An objective must be outlined to what you are trying to advertise and why you are promoting. For instance, enhancing traffic to your website through FB, increasing event audience, lead generation, and improving content reach.
  • FB ads manager-The tools of FB ads manager that can be accessed through a direct link. Click Manage ads on your FB account.
  • Ad promotions- When in Ads manager, navigate the menu. Click the top right green button.
  • Select your goal- Select from the 15 choices to create an Ad on FB.
  • Define the audience and select the budget
  • Create your ad and choose your advertisement placements
  • The ad is ready to go. Place your order.

How to boost your ROI?

FB offers positive ROI if proper strategies are followed and executed through an efficient campaign. FB is sophisticated in advertising and digital marketing. Here are some strategies to boost your business ROI through FB advertising:

Proper tracking

This can be done by setting up a website snippet code. This is your FB Pixel. This will permit you to target audience and draw them to your website by brand engagement. However, it should be done quite carefully.

Goal-based ads

FB is an ad platform that creates business and digital ads based on specific objectives. It allows any of the 12 that are again categorized in basic marketing phases-Consideration, Awareness, and Conversion. Your ad needs to be prioritized to give significant effect and to gauge your ROI.

Accurately target audience

FB permits you to target particular audience with accuracy. This is by creating different metrics such as interests, age, occupation, gender, income, location, and other factors. Your business can be confined not only to these aspects but also based on their channels of posts and likings. For instance, Boutiques and hotels can target people from their location or through travel apps that have been used through FB in the last month or so. Shopping businesses or e-commerce businesses can target their customers based on their shopping online and what products they are purchasing. This way, you can channelize the target audience and approach them.


FB users are poured by ads round the clock. So, your ad and its content need to stand out from the crowd. Great and appealing content will draw a real audience. Striking visuals, amazing content, engaging video formats, and succinct copy are the core of a creative ad.

Keep monitoring

It is important to understand that FB ads are not meant to set and forget. It becomes essential to monitor and keep following up its progress consistently. A FB ad campaign doesn't give you instant results. It is very rare. You need to optimize your campaign, which implies it will cost you initially. It is essential to know how to drive down the CPM and manage your campaign. A successful FB ad is best when monitored and reviewed to generate stellar ROI.

Paid Ads

This is another efficient way to make your content reach to your target audience.

Approach a Professional

The leading companies that assist you on your FB advertising journey through a no-obligation and free estimate. You will get your ad visibility online, generate leads, revenue, and traffic through efficient marketing strategies and tactics.

Key features include:

  • Targeting on business building appropriately
  • Focusing on personalization
  • SEO marketing
  • Expertise on campaign management
  • Making use of data offline
  • Integrated business approach
  • ROI boosting
  • Improving marketing efficiency.

Facebook Advertising Agency For Small Business

FB advertising can be beneficial through the proper creation and execution of campaigns for custom audiences. Above are listed some aspects of FB ads and advertising to get stellar ROI on your campaigns. Get creative and kick start your business with efficient digital marketing through FB ad campaigns.

With the help of professional digital marketing, reach the target audience through an effective FB ad campaign. Your business target to get stellar ROI and draw the traffic to your website for a product or service purchase falls into place with a professional marketing company.

  • Facebook Certified Experts
  • Fair Pricing
  • Flexible Agreements
  • Facebook Ads Review
  • Detailed Reporting
Facebook Ads Management Service

Facebook Ads Management Packages and Prices

The cost of our Facebook ads management services in 2020.




All-in-one Digital Marketing

£700 - £1,700 per month

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

£270 - £1,270 per month

Pay-per-click Advertising (PPC)

£150 - £400 per month

Social Media Advertising (SMA)

£150 - £400 per month

Social Media Management (SMM)

£150 - £400 per month

Website Design

£700 - £2,700

Ecommerce Website Design

£1,700 - £4,700

Website Maintenance and Support

£87 - £327

Rolling Monthly Agreement Available / Package Excludes Any Advertising Spend, Link Building and Outreach.
For large complex projects contact us to get a free quote based on your budget and requirements.
We will be able to advise on the best package for your business after your free registration.

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