Sales growth through word spread.

Viral marketing is also known as buzz marketing. It aims to spread awareness of the products and services of a company with the use of social media or by word of mouth. It can be in various forms such as a webpage, text message, and photo with captions, software, an interactive flash game and the like.

The Virus of Marketing

The term virtual marketing was believed to be first coined by graduate Tim Draper and faculty member Jeffrey Rayport from Harvard Business School.

In 1996, the article entitled The Virus of Marketing was published by Rayport at Fast Company.

One best example of a company that progressed with the help of this technique is

Hotmail in 1996 gained its popularity through the help of the tagline “Get your free email at Hotmail” which they inserted in every end user’s email.

This resulted to 12 million sign ups in eighteen months.

Viral marketing is that of Old Spice

Another interesting success story of viral marketing is that of Old Spice. Last July 24, 2010, Old Spice created its fastest viral online campaign that resulted to 6.7 million views after 24 hours and went up to over 23 million views in 36 hours.

What caused this virus? The lead TV commercial for this ad, Isaiah Mustafa replied to 186 questions and comments at Digg, Facebook, Reddit and Twitter and this campaign ran for three days.

Viral marketing has three major principles: analysis of proximity market, gathering of social profile and real time keyword density analysis.

A virtual marketing services company can match the target market with the client by applying the three principles.

Multiple forms of print and direct marketing and smart phone integration

This marketing strategy often involves and employs customer participation, search engines and blogs, industry-specific organization contributions, search engine optimization (SEO), television and radio, social media optimization (SMO), multiple forms of print and direct marketing and smart phone integration.

The web is a very powerful tool in making a campaign succeed or fail. Success of an advertisement over the web depends on how the campaign became viral. The faster the good remarks went on the faster the spread of the news would be, especially in the internet.

Achieve A success Viral marketing Campaign

There are guidelines that aim to achieve success of a campaign and they are as follows:

  • A large platform should be used like Facebook, You Tube, Twitter or Instagram;
  • Prior gain in followers with the help of seeding, buying views, followers or likes and by sharing to Facebook fans;
  • Quality content;
  • Appealing to the general public;
  • Worth sharing.

Viral marketing services’ goal is to produce viral messages that infect individuals with high social networking potential in order to spread the idea, product or services of a company in a short period of time.

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