Marketing strategies are an essential part of your business. If you have set up your campaign to reach your target audience, you can wait for the traffic to come flowing to your website. Afterward, you can expect to have your conversion to increase dramatically compared to before the campaign.

However, once your campaign is over, what's next? Even if that specific campaign drives many new customers to your business, you can't stop using your marketing tactics. After all, you need to keep on adding fuel to the fire to keep it burning. But what else can you do now that you're done with excellent advertising? The answer is, it's time for remarketing.

Specialties: Summary Areas of Expertise

  • Dynamic marketing;
  • Remarketing for mobile;
  • Remarketing for search;
  • Video marketing;
  • Display placements and banner strategy.
Remarketing Services

What are Remarketing Services?

Remarketing, or also known as retargeting, is a type of marketing strategy. It will make that interested audience from your past campaign to take action on your offer. Since you have already reached this audience before, it will be easier to entice them to purchase from your website.

Technically speaking, remarketing works by using a Java Script tag to put cookies on their browser. That way, your ads will show in front of those leads when they go online. If your leads browse in Google, they will see your ads and remember about your product or service and eventually search your website to purchase.

  • Reduced cost per impression;
  • Better conversion rates;
  • Improved ROI;
  • Precise targeting;
  • Cost effective branding.

Importance of Remarketing for Businesses

Improve Brand Recognition

Remarketing can be your shortcut to make people aware and recognize your brand. That way, you don't have to wait too long for people to trust your brand and become your customers.

Even if that audience didn't convert, remarketing can reach the interested audience and remember your brand better. Once trust has been established, it will be an easy conversion.

Provides Audience Insights

You can gain insight into the reason why your targets didn't convert the first time. Analysing this data will help you to improve your campaigns in the future. That way, you can get a better conversion rate.

Remarketing can make you more aware of your audience insights. You can use the analytics from your previous campaigns to learn better about the behaviour of your target market.

Become More Efficient

Banner ads are used for remarketing, which is very useful in targeting. The best part is since they interacted with your campaign previously, it will have a better chance to end in conversion.

Remarketing can make your strategy more efficient. Maybe the audience was just not ready on the first try. Doing a follow-up can make a vast difference than letting it slide.

Don't Be Left Behind with Online Marketing

Online marketing is getting more competitive as time goes by. Remarketing is the best way to give the audience another chance to learn more about your brand and finally trust it.

Remarketing will not lose traction since it's the trend now when it comes to digital marketing. Don't stop with just one or two campaigns. Make sure to do remarketing to get back to your target.

Target Quality Leads

The marketing strategy will be more effective if you will target quality leads. When you go for remarketing, you're targeting interested people already. Seeing your website is a good start.

Not everyone purchases right away when they see your campaign. Consumers need to let it all sink in and see your brand again before they eventually go ahead and make that purchase.

Improves Conversion Rates

Running a campaign for the first time will let people know about your brand. Although they may not buy from you right away, brand awareness is one way to gain customers.

Remarketing will allow them to see your products or services again. When they are ready, they will most likely buy already. Now that you catch their attention, it will improve your conversion for sure.

Deal with the Bounce-Off

Not everyone who sees your advert will purchase right away. Especially if you're a new player in the market, people will go for the brand they already trust.

Your ads can have several bounces off, but no worries. Remarketing will turn that bounce offs into conversions. That way, you can have another chance to inform them about your brand.

Win the Audience Attention

Getting the audience's attention can be tricky. Here is a lot to see all over the internet. Therefore, your first attempt may not have the results that you were expecting.

However, remarketing will solve this concern. By targeting interested people from the first try, you will indeed have the audience's attention this time around. Then your target will now purchase from you.

Return and Complete Purchase

In the first campaign, some people who interacted with your website may be thinking of purchasing already. However, something might cause them not to convert just yet.

Remarketing will entice them to get back to your website and complete the purchase this time around. When that target saw your brand, it will be reminded of the product that they want to buy from you and purchase.

Get More Sales

Unlike other marketing strategies, remarketing can get more sales. Your target is already familiar with your business since they have been on your website.

Buying decisions will be faster, and you will get more sales this time. Aside from the previous campaign, remarketing will give you more sales. That means that you will also have more income.

Remarketing and Retargeting Managed Campaign

Remarketing should get done after advertising your business. Not everyone who visited your website will buy right away. You need to do remarketing so that you can save those bounce sales. You can get a free quote on how to start your remarketing today.

Google Remarketing Campaign

Google remarketing will retarget your previous leads, which used your website or app. When your target goes to Google sites, or its partner websites, your ads can strategically show up. It will create better brand awareness that will result in a conversion.

Facebook Remarketing Campaign

Facebook remarketing also uses pixels so that your previous audience that bounces from your campaign will be reached again. These audiences will see your Facebook ad again so that this time, the audience may already interact and convert on your website.

Specialties: Summary Areas of Expertise

  • Dynamic marketing;
  • Remarketing for mobile;
  • Remarketing for search;
  • Video marketing;
  • Display placements and banner strategy.
Remarketing and Retargeting Managed Campaign

Our Remarketing Packages and Prices

The cost of our remarketing managed campaign in 2020.




All-in-one Digital Marketing

£700 - £1,700 per month

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

£270 - £1,270 per month

Pay-per-click Advertising (PPC)

£150 - £400 per month

Social Media Advertising (SMA)

£150 - £400 per month

Social Media Management (SMM)

£150 - £400 per month

Website Design

£700 - £2,700

Ecommerce Website Design

£1,700 - £4,700

Website Maintenance and Support

£87 - £327

Rolling Monthly Agreement Available / Package Excludes Any Advertising Spend, Link Building and Outreach.
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