Real-time Marketing Business Advantage

Real-time marketing refers to the processes and strategies enabling markets of two important things.

First, real-time marketing capitalizes on real-time interactions and second, it delivers relevant messages to the right people at the right time and at the right place.

Fundamentally, marketing ideas are developed in minutes while the interaction is ongoing.

Increasing the value of every customer interaction at the right place and time.

Every business must take advantage of even the smallest windows of opportunity as they happen.

Have you ever heard of real-time marketing?

The term real-time marketing emerged in 2010 although businesses were already employing real-time marketing strategies long before the term emerged.

Three years later, the volume of offline and online businesses that recognize the importance of real-time marketing continues to rise.

Embracing the concept of real-time marketing impacts any kind of business. In a 2012 survey, 46% of the respondents said that they regard the brand more positively if exposed to any form of real-time marketing.

So, what real-marketing really is?

The marketing ideas are immediately put into practice with the goal of seeking the most suitable offer for the customer in a particular sales opportunity.

Real-time marketing is the reverse of interruption marketing that purports to acquire the customer by giving pre-defined offers.

Real-time marketing is so dynamic that the decisions regarding real-time offers are made just-in-time.

Exploit Real-time Customer Interactions

If you want to learn how to properly exploit real-time customer interactions and conversations, you must look for reliable real-time marketing services.

These services help you take advantage of the moments better. When a customer chooses to interact with your business, you must know what relevant messages and contents must be delivered to the customer in hand regardless of the customer’s previous responses to previous interactions.

Real-time marketing services focus on offering based on the real, felt, and immediate needs of the customer in hand regardless of the context of the current interaction or conversation.

Real-time marketing, therefore, provides a more personalised and customised experience to every customer or prospect in hand.

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