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We provide custom, online B2B led generation services to you in telemarketing, lead generation, appointment setting and the provision of marketing databases.

Our Lead Generation Strategy Provides:

  • Innovative Approaches
  • Experts with 10+ years experience
  • ROI Focused strategies
  • Marketing Efforts Gaps Revealed
  • Immediate Impact strategies
  • Long-Term Strategies

We deliver targeted, highly effective campaigns for:

  • Lead generation
  • Appointment setting
  • Database enrichment and cleansing

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Obtaining Leads Through the Internet

Getting leads means getting potential customers. An online lead generation services company is aimed to provide businesses with online leads. Online lead generation is the process of obtaining leads through the internet. Leads can be used in different ways such as for e-newsletter, building out rewards programs, list building, for member acquisition and loyalty programs.
In the lead generation market, there are two types of leads: the marketing leads and the sales leads.

The marketing leads are generated for the advertiser’s offer. They are brand specific and are only sold once. On the other hand, sales leads are grouped according to demographic data such as age, income, FICO score etc. We are being called by the sales people to push products or services of a company. Sales leads are being resold to multiple advertisers and are commonly found in finance, insurance and mortgage leads.

Cost per thousand, Cost per click and Cost per action

Three main pricing models are available in the online market which marketers use to buy leads; they are the following: cost per thousand, cost per click and cost per action.

Cost per thousand or cost per mile.

This model charges the advertisers for the number of viewers an advertisement has. However, in this pricing model, the advertisers are charged even if the advertisement is not clicked.

Cost per click model charges the advertisers when the potential customer clicks on the advertisement.

Due to an increased competition nowadays, search keywords became very expensive. In January 2017, cost per click model is only priced for more than a dollar per six keywords. As of this moment, the cost per keyword increased by 33% and the cost per click increased to 55%.

Cost per action model of advertising charges per action generated.

There are two options in this model: CPL or online lead generation and CPA or the affiliate marketing. In CPL advertising, the advertiser pays for an interested lead while in the CPA form, the business pays for a completed sale purchased using a credit card.

Online lead generation is said to be growing at 71% up to date and this is faster than the growth of an online advertising market. This rapid growth is driven by the return of investment focused marketing by the advertisers, as stated on the GP Bullhound research.

Some of the clients we have worked for.

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Yuuto Nutrition
Bigness Group
Boubyan Bank
Hello Africa! Social Television
Children International
City Car Booking
BBC Media Action
Marie Curie

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