When you refer to the identity of a person, the first thing that comes to your mind is how he looks? What he prefers wearing? How he carries himself in front of others? And what makes him uniquely him? These attributes shape up the identity of an ordinary person. Likewise, brand identity is how people perceive it? How does the brand want to look in front of its customers? What comes into a customer's mind when he thinks of your brand?

Your brand identity shapes up the narrative your company forwards to your customers. This narrative proves to be the basis of the trust and mutual respect between the customers and the brand.

Your business identity is an important part if you want to make it grow overtime. Even if you have just started, it's best to already think about your brand identity. It's how the consumers will see how you portray your company and how they will remember you.

If you're planning to grow your business, it's best to already have your brand identity design. This is how the huge businesses are being known for. Even kids can recognize their logos and that makes the business stand out even more. You don't want to miss this opportunity to be well known.

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What is Brand Identity Design?

Before jumping into this idea, you have to learn more about brand identity design. That way, you will know what exactly you are getting yourself into. Basically, it's the brand design such as the logos from famous brands. A bitten apple is Apple's brand design for example.

However, you may think that why do you need to have your brand identity design right now? It's still a small business, and you are just starting. Well, if you want your brand to be recognized, that's what you have to do right away. It will give an image to your business, and the goal is for anyone to remember it.

Simply Brand identity is the collection of all the visible elements that add up to identify and distinguish the brand itself from its competitors. For businesses that want to impose a striking impression on its customers through comprehensive brand identity. Just need to describe their thinking and let us take care of the rest.

An effective business identity requires the following elements:

  • Logo Design
  • Typography
  • Taglines
  • Colour Palette
  • Packaging

Importance of Brand Identity Design for Businesses

Brand identity is essential to your business since it will be your company's image. You can see the logos from the popular brands like Nike, Toyota, and more. If you see those logos, you automatically associate it with the brand. It's the same effect if you are to apply it to your own.

You may have a small business currently, and you are not yet ready to grow big. But having a brand identity design can help you in many ways. Since you have to get as many customers to keep your business growing, it's necessary to have your brand design already.

Here is the importance of having a brand identity design below:

You Can Give a Premium Price

Having your brand identity can give you access to provide a premium price for your products or services. Just take a look at those companies with an established brand design. They can make the prices to be higher than other similar businesses. It's because having a brand identity can command the price.

Having your brand identity design will give you access to provide a premium price. Even if you still have a small business, the brand design can help your company appear more prominent. More people will see you as the brand leader, and the consumers will be willing to pay the premium price.

Establish the Perception of Great Quality

Establish the Perception of Great Quality

Having a brand identity design can help you to give the impression that you offer high-quality products. You have to accept that you're not the only one who will be selling the product. But having a brand design will help to make the consumers perceive that you have high-quality products compared to others.

Although it doesn't necessarily be true since your competitors may have the same quality as what you offer, brand identity can give that impression. All you have to do is deliver what you promised, and the consumers will be most likely to buy from you over and over.

Improves Brand Awareness

Having a brand identity design will increase your brand awareness. Since people can associate your brand design with your company, it will be easy to recognize your business. Your brand design will be your advertising efforts to be recognized by more people.

Aside from brand awareness, brand design can help your business to be easily recognized. People prefer to purchase from a company with brand identity since they expect to get high-quality products from you compared with buying from different businesses.

Get Loyal Customers

When it comes to having a business, it's essential to have your customer's loyalty. Having a brand identity will help you to get them to keep coming back. Since they can see your brand design that they recognize, they will no longer prepare to find another business.

Loyal customers can be your advocates as well. That's why it's essential to get loyal customers and keep them. It will be easier for them to recommend you with their friends if you have your brand identity. That way, it will entice everyone to do business with you instead of your competitors.

Strong Brand Identity Factors

Remember that just creating the visible elements or shaping them up is not going to help you achieve effectiveness until you, as a brand, attract both the internals and externals. This way, you can identify steps that you require to be more effective as a brand identity. The steps include:


You need to have a brand identity design that sets you up apart from other competitors and makes you stand out in a marketplace full of competition.


Your brand visual elements should have that captivating ability through which customers cannot forget you once they get to know you.

Supports Improvisation

Brand identity needs to have the capacity to change or evolve with time to survive in this market innovation, and improvisation is necessary.


It is primitive for all the visible elements of a brand identity to complement each other and add to the expressive nature.

Easily Applicable

The brand identity should be simple to use by the designers so that they can create the visible elements associated with the brand identity.

The Face of Your Business

By all means, your brand logo is the face of your business. Your logo should do more than just being your company's face. It should captivate the attention of your customers and provide them with necessary information about what services or products you offer. This way, you can not only gauge the interest customers show in your services but also make the required adjustments in other components that work in tandem.

Better Customer Experience

Having a brand identity will become more established as time goes by. It will be well known, especially when your customers shared their experience with others. That's why it's a must to have your brand identity design. Customers will perceive that you will provide better products and services since you have a brand identity. Since you have a brand identity to protect, it's a must to provide a great customer experience every time.

Establishing Credibility

The basic reasoning of establishing a proper brand identity is to make your brand gain strength at the level of the marketplace. The ability and authority that your brand gains through established face make it more credible and trustworthy for customers. In this way, you develop a sense of mutual trust between you as a brand and the customer.

Mission Statement

A company's mission statement is the purpose or drive for which it strives from the onset. But to create a mission statement, you must have a market standing that is only possible when you have an existing identity. Mission statements further resound your narrative to the local market and potential customers.

Project Reliability

Brand design can project reliability, and consumers would like to do business with that type of business. They want to get a reliable product or service; that's why they are willing to pay for a premium price.

You will also have better chances for the big brands to work with you. Since having a brand design will help you be recognized easily, bigger businesses will find it easier to work with you. That way, you can do collaborations with them.

Creating Advertisements

Creating Advertisements

Once your brand has an established face and a mutual feeling of trust, the next step is forging your identity in the marketplace through the development of creative advertisements either on social platforms or the printing press. Advertisements are pivotal in creating strong impressions on potential customers.

Growing Customer Base

For a company having an established face, trust, and mission have the perfect potential to grow its customer base and promote a sense of belongingness to its regular customers. Customers that associate themselves with the brand become a part of the brand itself and promote it, resulting in customer growth of the brand.

Stand Out from the Rest

Your business will not be noticed if you don't have your brand identity design. If you want more people to see you, having a brand design will make you stand out from the rest.

Small businesses often ignore this fact or wait for the company is more significant. Don't make the same mistake as them. Your business growth can be hindered without a brand identity to make you stand out.

Brand identity and brand image are two separate things that shouldn't be confused with one another. Brand image is the market perception of the services you provide. Whereas, the brand identity is the consumer's perception that makes you stand out from other competitors. Your brand association is always to the products and services you provide to the consumers.

Company Identity Program Management

Brand identity is one of the essential phenomena in a company's growth in the global marketplace. Any business looking to compete and stand out from its competitors needs to have an established, realistic brand identity, a face with which it can exist separately. Implementation of the brand identity design through visible elements is one of the practical ways to sustain and increase a company's customer base.

Through these essential visual elements, you as a business can foster the relationship of mutual trust and credibility between you and your customers. It is primitive for the visible elements to have the ability to evolve and innovate as time goes by. Use this article as a guide to enhance your brand identity efforts.

Brand identity design is crucial for your business. Don't wait until your business grows before having your brand design. Your business should be recognized easily to be popular. That way, you can get more conversions and establish a strong brand identity over time.

You can get your free quote now and be ready to become popular.

  • Concept Driven Logo Design;
  • Stationary Design;
  • Social Media Kit;
  • 3D Mock-ups;
  • Package design;
  • Digital printing.
Company Identity Program Management

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