Affiliate marketing is also known as performance based marketing.

In this marketing strategy, a business compensates an affiliate for every customer brought through the latter’s efforts.

Why Choose this Marketing Strategy?

In business, there are four major players. They are the merchant, the network, the publisher and the customer. The affiliate marketer serves as the publisher in a business.

The methods of an affiliate marketer include several strategies such as display advertising, organic search engine optimization, paid search engine marketing or pay per click, content marketing, publishing reviews of products and services and the like.

Affiliate Marketing or Referral Marketing

Affiliate marketing is also similar to referral marketing. However, affiliate marketing is driven to commit a sale through financial motivation while the latter relies on trust and relationship in creating a sale.

Affiliate marketing services use a pay per performance scheme. The merchant will only be entitled to pay once results are eminent.

This concept was originally conceived and first practiced by William J. Tobin last November 1994, just four years after the birth of the World Wide Web.

A perfect example of a company that boomed through this marketing strategy is Amazon started with its associate program last July 1996.

Its affiliate marketers then placed banners and text links in their sites which directs to Amazon’s home page.

Types of affiliate websites

In this field of marketing, there are no standards of categorization. However, the following types of websites are frequently used by affiliate marketers:

  • Pay per click search engines
  • Comparison shopping
  • Loyalty websites
  • Cause Related Marketing websites
  • Coupon and rebate focused websites
  • Personal sites
  • Email list affiliates
  • Shopping Directories
  • Ad bar using websites
  • Content marketing
  • Video Blog

Affiliate marketing services matured due to the increasing number of business on the net and as well as the increasing number of consumers who patronize online businesses. The convenience brought by technology made online shopping a big hit.

Generate Opportunity and Attain Profit

This popularity is designed to generate an opportunity to attain profit and yield greater rewards for each business that employs affiliate marketing. In affiliate marketing, the same strategies of offline marketing are done considering that it’s a pay per performance scheme. The merchant would therefore generate profits before it pays out the affiliate.

In this era, the advancement of internet marketing industry is apparent. It has been more competitive,expensive and sophisticated and merchants are having difficulties managing it in house.

With this burden in mind, businesses are forced to look for alternative options found outsourced such as in affiliate marketing service.

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