5 Digital Marketing Agency Tips on Creating Winning Content in 2017

5 Digital Marketing Agency Tips on Creating Winning Content in 2020

It is 2020 already, and that means your content writing strategies should have evolved with time as well.

If you want your website and blogs to keep up with professional digital marketers’, then you should learn from them.

How does a digital marketing agency create superb content?

Can you create winning content on your own?

Learn from the Pro’s

If you want to know how you can improve your content writing techniques for 2017, here are some tips from digital marketers that surely work:

  1. Do serious keyword research.

Before you start writing content, be wiser by spending time on studying the in demand keywords in your niche.

Search Engines are more intelligent than before, and they want more intelligent content too.

They know if you only want to optimise a content or page by trying to hit certain keywords.

Therefore, look for semantically related keywords which you can use to avoid frequent repetition of main keyword.

  1. Include year in the title.

Instead of saying “Tips on How to Lose Weight”, making it “Tips on How to Lose Weight in 2017” will be more attractive to searchers.

Since it is more specific, you get fewer competitors for the certain keyword+year. Therefore, this can help your content gain a top rank in SERPs.

  1. Use a number of sources for content to be more reliable.

When writing about a particular topic, do not only focus on one source. Research and explore ideas from multiple sources.

This will help you expound your content and deliver more substantial information to your readers. Do not forget to acknowledge original authors for borrowed ideas.

  1. Answer ‘how-to’ questions.

People have become more self-reliant these days. Some always look up the Internet for Do-It-Yourself ideas, so that they can save money from goods or services that they can actually do themselves.

That is why ‘how-to’ blogs are in.

  1. Use steps and lists when presenting ideas.

When answering ‘how-to’ queries, use a step-by-step or bulletised format.

Aside from making the presentation of ideas organised, readers find this format easier to grasp as well.

Who knows? If done excellently, your content can be a featured snippet.

Get Professional Help from the Best Digital Marketing Agency

Creating high-ranking content can be tough especially that most of your rivals hire competitive digital marketers to do it for them.

Well, if you have been trying this on your own for some time, and your marketing attempts are not advancing, then it is about time you get professional help.

Hire the best digital marketing agency in London—and that is Smartunit—and see how you get top-ranking posts for your brand in SERPs in the first few months.

For more details, visit our digital marketing page and know more about our services.

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