5 Common Errors You Get from Poor Web Design Services

5 Common Errors You Get from Poor Web Design Services

You are probably thinking about getting cheap web design services to create your website without spending a lot.

Affordability is good, but quality may be at stake here. That is why you need to be aware of what you deserve for your money.

Remember, the reason why you want to hire a web designer is so that you can have both an attractive and operational website.

If it fails in either one, then it can affect the traffic volume and conversion rate of your website.

Watch out for these

You need to be aware of the following common web designing mistakes. If you notice any of them, contact your web designer immediately:

  1. Unreadable text

Sometimes, designers are careless with the font style, colour, and size they use for the text. Also, the background may cause readability problem if not carefully chosen. Try reading the website content yourself. If you notice that the text is hard to read because of poor visibility or absurd style, then you need to have it changed.

  1. No search box

The search box is small, so web designers can easily forget about it. However, without the search box, your visitors will have a hard time looking for a particular post in your website. Make sure that this is available and can be seen easily, so the visitors can immediately locate what they want to find.

  1. Shifting interface design

Your designer may be too creative to the point of using a different interface design per web page. Inconsistent designs can be annoying and confusing to your visitors. Tell your web designer to stick to simple and consistent interface design all throughout the pages.

  1. Unorganized layout

Both for the content and the overall website, if the layout is not well-planned and crowded, it will be confusing for your visitors to navigate. Remind your designer to leave enough white space between content paragraphs for easy read. Also, minimise the widgets and pages for a neater interface.

  1. Complex registration form

If your website’s registration form requires a lot of details, visitors will be discouraged from filling it out because it is time consuming. For netizens, ideal online forms should be quick to finish and do not ask for many information.

Beware of Bad Web Design Services

To avoid encountering such problems in your website, hire professional web designers who are knowledgeable in creating efficient websites.

For quality web design services at competitive prices, contact us at Smartunit. We offer affordable but guaranteed excellent results.

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