3 Features Your Ecommerce Website Design Must Have to Improve Brand Credibility

3 Features Your Ecommerce Website Design Must Have to Improve Brand Credibility

Consumers are now more intelligent than before. They have become more careful when believing and absorbing the information they read or watch on the Internet. They want to find secure and credible sources that will surely give them all facts.

For this reason, it is not enough that your website has attractive photographs and enticing blogs using glittery adjectives that describe their services of products. You need an ecommerce website design that supports credibility.

Features of Ecommerce Website Design for Credibility

If you want your website to look credible enough for visitors to trust your brand, here are some features that its web design should have:

  1. Source citation

 Including footnote in your blogs or other content is one way of displaying credibility. Showing your audience, the sources of your information will remove their doubts.

Make it easy for them to verify the data you present by citing the articles, authors, and other resources. It is also better if you provide a hyperlink that directs them to the original source.

Another, use quotation marks when using statements that are not yours, and do not forget to acknowledge their owners.

  1. Transparency

The more transparent your website design is, the more it will be credible to your audience. One way of transparency is properly crediting photos and images to their owners or creators.

When including infographics for numerical data, make sure that its sources are highlighted to make it clear that you are not just making it up.

  1. News app

This is another helpful way to improve the credibility of your website. An example of a news app is Timeline. This application can be used in featuring stories with supporting historical context.

Your visitors will see the origin or source of each news piece, so they will have bases to believe what you are telling them. Of course, the usage of this app will depend on the need of your niche.

Make Your Website Credible

Credibility is one of the biggest influencing factors in digital marketing today. If you want to gain higher consumer trust rate, make your visitors feel that you never lie to them.

Once they are convinced that you only present them valid, proven, and tested information, there is a bigger chance of increasing traffic conversion.

Smartunit can help improve the credibility of your ecommerce website design.

Being one of the trusted digital marketing companies in London, you are assured that we can also enhance the online reputation of your business.

Call us today and we will gladly discuss how we can do this for you.

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