The Rich Thinker: Think Rich to Be Richer in All Aspects of Life

This is a book review for The Rich Thinker: Think Rich to Be Richer in All Aspects of Life. By just reading the title of this book, you will already have a good grasp on what is all about.

No, it’s not about some quick rich schemes. Sorry to disappoint you if that’s what you think it is. Although it’s not even close to that, this book can help you to be a rich thinker.

Based on the author’s note, it’s a compilation of her website. Although the website no longer exists, the book is still available so that you can still learn something from it.

The Rich Thinker: Think Rich to Be Richer in All Aspects of Life

This book talks about how you can become successful. Since it’s composed of several articles from a blog, you can easily understand what the author means. It uses a straightforward language. Nothing fancy compared to other famous authors.

The goal of this book is to reach anyone who can read in English even if it’s not their mother tongue. It’s evident on the terms that were used in this book. You don’t have to reach a certain degree to enjoy the articles compiled here. The best part is you don’t have to look it up from the dictionary.

If you are an employee who’s trying to get out of the rat race or someone who is fed up with your financial status, you can relate to this book. It will teach you how to make money online and just do everything from your computer without having to get out of the house.

You can also get inspired by living a frugal life instead of spending your money like there’s no tomorrow. It’s an eye-opener for those who seem to spend their cash blindly on deteriorating things. Plus, you can learn how to side hustle or sell items online.

Benefits of this Book

Easy to Understand

Based on the description of the book, it doesn’t focus on getting rich overnight. You can learn the basics in the book so that you can have a good head start. From trying to do the things that you need to do so you can be on your way to becoming a rich thinker.

Since it’s also straightforward, you will quickly get what the author is trying to tell you. There are no fancy words so you can digest it easily. It provides some things that you can do from making money to become location independent with your job. It can make you think, what if?

Provides Useful Tips

This book is about helpful tips that you can apply in your current situation. You don’t have to be successful since this book teaches some Things that you can do so that you can achieve a comfortable life even if it feels like it is impossible.

  • Making Money

Aside from your regular job, it teaches you how to do some side hustles so that you can earn extra income. Making more money can make you one step closer to being rich after all.

  • Saving Money

Like they say, it’s not how much money you’re earning but how much you’re saving. This is the primary inspiration of this book; that’s why saving money is also included from other pages.

  • Being Frugal

The Rich Thinker believes that being frugal while you’re not yet rich is a must. Since you can’t keep on spending so much if you’re trying to start to save and invest.

  • Being Location Independent

The author must have a vision that we will be on lock down. It talks about remote work and being location independent so you don’t have to get out of the house anymore just to go to work.

Not Misleading

It’s not the usual type of book that will mislead you about how to get rich. This book will tell you the things that you have to do for the meantime while building your wealth. It’s more like the origin story, and it starts from being an average earner.

There’s no promotion of whatever MLM or networking business in this book. You can just enjoy reading it and learning a few things that you may not yet know about. It’s ideal for those who want to change how they look in their current situation.

Well Researched

The author obviously researched on the information that has been written on this book. However, it’s more like based on the author’s experience. You can read between the lines that every tip that has been written was already tried and tested.

Nothing beats sharing your real-life experiences even if there are many references around. You can just enjoy the simplicity of how every sentence is constructed. It sounds like it’s real life if you read everything carefully.

It’s Inspiring

Even if the book is just a compilation of the author’s blog before, it can inspire you to try those tips. There’s nothing to lose anyway since it’s all about tips on making your financial life better. It can also apply to anyone even wherever you may be.

Inspiration is an excellent way to keep us going, and this book can simply inspire you to change the way you spend your money. These are fundamental tips actually that you can come up with as well. But reading it from the book will make it sound more inspiring.

The Verdict

The Rich Thinker: Think Rich to Be Richer in All Aspects of Life is generally a good read. It’s up to you if you want to follow the tips that have been written there. You can learn simple things that you’ve been ignoring from the past that will make you one step richer than you’re currently right now. This book review should already give you an idea of what to expect.

Although this book will not teach you how you can be a millionaire overnight, that’s not the goal of this book. The Rich Thinker means that you need to have a rich mind if you want to become financially prosperous. Feed your mind with more knowledge, and you can be more prosperous than any other man who has a lot of money.