2017 Effective Trends to Personalise Your Ecommerce Website Design

2017 Effective Trends to Personalise Your Ecommerce Website Design

The more empathic your website appears to your customers, the higher the chance of increasing conversion rate.

This is the reason why the trend of 2017 ecommerce website design is getting visitors hooked by involving more empathy.

Making Your Ecommerce Website Design More Personalised

If you visit Amazon and other bigtime ecommerce websites, you will notice that each customer gets more personalised shopping experience through the engaging features of the homepages and their accounts—and they are loving it.

Do you want your visitors to feel more comfortable when on your web page too? Well, just adapt the trends of big ecommerce sites, and you may get the same success.

So what are these effective web design trends? Here are 3 of them:

Location awareness

Since the Internet can be accessed by anyone wherever they are, ecommerce has to be sensitive to the environment differences of customers.

People find it handy that the Internet is now more responsive to the location of users. Thus, they prefer websites offering content adjustment like language translation and currency conversion, because it makes the experience easier for them.

Humanised responses

Using humanised responses to errors in website usage is adapted by many ecommerce websites already because of their lesser frustrating impact on customers.

For instance, when a visitor searches for a particular keyword and there is no result for it, the website will offer suggestions that are close to what was being searched.

Or if a content is not available anymore, a friendly notification is displayed rather than just a 404.

Conversational interface

You are probably familiar with chatbots like Xiaoice and Zo (both from Microsoft). Intelligent conversational bots are increasing popularity in messenger apps because they are entertaining.

Moreover, these chatbots, along with smart assistants and voice UIs, have started providing helpful services to customers in ecommerce.

Although not perfect yet, the development of conversational interface for ecommerce sites is on the rise because of its delightful customer assistance.

Make Your Website Personalised

Giving visitors an empathic experience on your website can help increase its conversion rate.

This means higher income and more customers coming. If you keep on getting high bounce rate, maybe application of the trends above can help decrease it.

Do you want to have a personalised ecommerce website design?

Then, call us at Smartunit and talk to our web designers. We are the right team that can help you achieve this.

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